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Privacy Policy Shelfit Inventory IRONMAX Technologies (hereinafter: "Ironmax Technologies" and / or "IronMax" and / or "the Company" and / or "We") respects the privacy of users of its services, and these terms will teach you what the privacy policy of IronMax is. They review, among other things, how Euronmax uses the information provided by the subscriber and / or the user (hereinafter: the "User") and the information collected about them while using the Euronmax services. The policy is worded in masculine for convenience only, and applies equally to women. The wording of this Privacy Policy in the singular is also plural: Euronmax provides you with the Shelfit Inventory website at www.shelfit.tech (the "Site"), the "Shelfit" app (the "App"), the Personal Inventory Management Area (" Personal area for inventory management ") as well as other / additional means and services, as specified in the terms of use of IronMax (hereinafter together, together with the website, application and personal area for inventory management will be called:" IronMax services "). Therefore, you hereby declare that the personal details which are provided The company during the registration is done of your own free will and with your consent. In addition, the app requires sensitive permissions that include: camera access, gallery access, microphone access and access to information stored on the device. By installing the application and / or using the Ironmax services, you give your full consent to the terms of this privacy policy. If you do not agree to these terms, in whole or in part, you may not install the application or make any use of the Ironmax services and in the event that the application is installed, you are required to remove it immediately. It is also clarified that registration for EuroMax services by any means (including, registration on the website and / or in the application and / or by telephone by the user) and / or use of EuroMax services, in whole or in part, constitutes the user's express consent to the terms of this privacy policy. And even receive e-mails and / or text messages (SMS) and / or telephone calls from IronMax, including service messages, service calls and messages related to the services provided by IronMax, updates regarding IronMax services, including additional services, details of transaction execution, and messages containing seasonal content On the definition of "advertisement thing", according to Amendment 40 to the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 5752-1982. The word of the advertisement "and / or by contacting the website. In this case, IronMax will refrain from sending messages that include advertisements only. The service as a whole.) IronMax reserves a The right to change the terms of the privacy policy, from time to time and in accordance with the need at its sole discretion and even without obligation to give notice, prior and / or retrospectively. The changes that will be made, if they are made, will take effect immediately upon presentation of the updated privacy policy on the site and in the application. Therefore, Ironmax recommends reviewing this Privacy Policy from time to time. Your continued use of IronMax Services after making such changes will indicate your agreement to these changes and the updated Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the above changes, in whole or in part, please refrain from continuing to use Ironmax Services or contact us for assistance. It should be noted that, if we make changes that in our discretion will materially affect your rights, Euronmax will take reasonable measures to display a prominent notice in this regard on the Euronmax website or in the application or in the personal inventory management area and even via email alert. Consent Please read carefully: The privacy policy detailed in this document constitutes a binding and enforceable legal agreement between you and the company and is an integral part of the terms of use of Euronmax. Therefore, you are requested to read the privacy policy very carefully. By using the website and / or the application and / or the personal area for inventory management and the services provided by EuroMax, you declare that you have read and understood the privacy policy, that you have been given the opportunity to review it, and that you agree to all the terms set out therein. If you do not agree to any of the conditions listed below, you are obligated, immediately, to refrain from accessing and / or using the website and / or the application and / or the personal area for inventory management, in any case. What information may we collect about our users? IronMax collects and stores in its databases certain information in relation to the user in order to provide the IronMax services. This information includes: • Registration: As part of the registration, the user is required to provide personal and identifying information, such as name, address and contact information. • Payment: The clearing and payment will be done by a third-party clearer and therefore the credit details or payments are not stored in the Euronex repositories. Verification: Aeronmax may require you to verify your identity based on the information provided by you. In addition, when registering you can choose a username and password, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and the user may not transfer or allow after using a username and password and / or the subscriber account. You agree to immediately report any unauthorized use of your account to IronMax so that IronMax can take appropriate action. The subscriber may not transfer and / or transfer his rights to another account. • Retention of data: o Anonymous data: When using the application, the website and the services of IronMax, IronMax collects anonymous information, without any connection to the use of a particular service of IronMax. This information includes technical and statistical information, such as: type of device, model, hardware, operating system, Internet service provider, statistical information related to the extent of use of the application, website and / or IronMax services including date and time of use, duration of use, frequency of use and more. . Ironmax may collect and / or store this data, segment and analyze it, including for the purpose of providing services. You may at any time order the cancellation of the collection of anonymous data about you, either through the application interface or by contacting us as detailed below. o Data intended for the essential functioning of the application: Application settings that have been defined by the user. Data on the company's product inventory, including quantities, prices, photos, etc. Tasks for employees. Internet Protocol ("IP") address: When using the site and the application, the Aeronmax will collect the IP address. Device ID: IMEI, Android ID and Advertising ID: When using the site and the application IronMax will collect the IMEI (serial number of the mobile device) and Android ID. Also, third parties that provide services for Ironmax may collect the Advertising ID. This information may be information associated with your device. You can stop the collection of Advertising ID information in your device settings at any time. It should be noted that IronMax does not integrate and / or connect the device ID listed above. • History of use: Ironmax holds in its database the details of the use of the application and the website which in the services of Ironmax, the user gives his consent to the storage of the details of the use of the database. • Crash Data: If the application crashes while you are using it, the crash data will be collected by Euronex and / or a third party (including "Crashlytics" on behalf of Google) which provides such reporting and analysis services for Euronex, and these will be transferred to Ironmax for Identify the cause of the crash and in order to act to prevent a recurring malfunction, improve the application and services and implement required updates. In addition to the said crash data contain data regarding the status of the application, operating system, device, device ID and location at the time of the crash of the application, IronMax may share with the service provider personal information regarding the user such as phone number, car number or email address to link the crash to the user and create Contact the user for troubleshooting, etc. For more information, see the Crashlytics Privacy Policy at: https://try.crashlytics.com/terms/privacy-policy.pdf and at: https://answers.io/img/onepager/privacy.pdf. • Contact: If you choose to contact us, you will be required to provide us with the means of contacting you, including name, e-mail address and telephone number. EuroMax may respond to your request through its representatives and / or through third parties who provide services for EuroMax, through various media. • Direct mailing: When registering, the user gives his consent to receive direct mailing as defined in the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 ("direct mailing") and to use his details for that purpose. IronMax may use the information in its possession for direct mailing and / or transfer information. About the user to third parties as specified in this privacy policy and the terms of use for direct mail inquiries by him.If you wish to remove yourself from the mailing list after registration, you can easily do so in a return message as part of direct mail as he does by electronic means and / or contact customer service center. IronMax and in this case IronMax will remove your information from the list of direct mail recipients used for direct mail.Do not remove yourself from the direct mailing list to deny receiving other messages, such as service messages and / or advertisements. Receiving inquiries from Ironmax in its entirety, you can do so by deleting the user as a whole (removing and canceling the service as a whole). It is hereby clarified that the user does not have any legal obligation to provide such information above, and that such information depends on his will and agreement User character. However, filling in some of the fields in the registration process and collecting data such as location data may be a necessary condition for the use of Ironmax services. The user hereby declares and undertakes that all information provided and / or updated is correct, reliable and accurate and that the registration is personal and not by name and / or for third parties, except in cases where it has been expressly authorized to do so. In addition, to provide and improve the services as well as for authentication purposes, Euronmax may receive additional information from various third parties that provide services for Euronmax, including identifying or identifying details of the user, which will also be stored in the Euronmax databases. This information will be collected, stored and used solely in accordance with the terms of the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. 2. How was the information collected? Ironmax collects information regarding the user, which will be provided at the user's initiative and / or collected during the use he will make of the Aeronmax services, in accordance with the provisions of the terms of use and / or this policy and in accordance with the provisions of any law. The information is collected and provided to the company as follows: • Information provided will be corrected by the user voluntarily. • Information transmitted to IronMax by third parties (such as: navigation applications, etc.). In addition, the Company may make use of third-party technology components adapted for mobile devices in order to obtain characterization analyzes and anonymous statistics about the uses of the users. • Information transmitted automatically from the user's device. • Use of technologies such as "cookies" and other technologies (such as Web Beacons, Pixels and more). A cookie is a small file containing a string of characters, which is sent to your device when you visit a particular website. When you visit the site again, the cookie will allow the site to identify your browser. The cookies contain anonymous information and are used for the purpose of collecting statistics about the use of the application, the website and the services of IronMax, to verify details, and to adjust the services to your personal preferences. You have the option to block and / or delete cookies at any time independently by changing the settings on your device and / or the browsers you use. You are aware that some of the services may not be accessible and / or the experience of using the services for you will be limited if you block and / or delete the cookies. For more information, see: www.allaboutcookies.org. Third parties (for example, Google Analytics) may also use cookies, and similar technologies (such as SDK) This information does not include personal information, except device ID, IP address and Advertising ID which may be collected. To learn more about cookies and how Google uses data generated from the use of Google Analytics, we recommend that you review Google's policies and learn more about how Google uses cookies and data when you use the site or application. You may also want to review the current Google Analytics opt-out options at: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout IronMax uses third-party SDKs to process information, improve and tailor services. Among other things, the Company uses the SDKs of the third parties which will be detailed below, and which further information on how data is collected through the SDKs of these third parties, can be found in the privacy policy and terms of use on their behalf, which form part of this privacy policy, as follows: o Google Analytics for firebase: Privacy Policy Available at: https://firebase.google.com/policies/analytics/ o Namecheap: Privacy Policy Available at: https://www.namecheap.com/legal/general/privacy-policy .aspx o Check with Yevgeny It will be clarified that Ironsmax does not collect, directly or through the SDK, the full information specified in the privacy policy on behalf of third parties, but only the information necessary for the provision and improvement of the services. 3. The use of information for Ironmax is a registered database in which the information collected and which is detailed above will be stored and secured. Ironmax uses the information for the following purposes: • To enable you to use the Ironmax services, the contents contained therein and the services offered by Ironmax as well as the management and operation of the company's services, including those requested by you. • To identify you during your re-entries to areas that require registration and to save you from having to enter your details each time. • To improve and enrich the services and content on the site, including creating new services and content that meet users' requirements and expectations, as well as changing or canceling existing services and content. The information used by IronMax for this purpose may be collected as complete information and / or statistical information, which does not identify you personally. • To allow you to adjust the services on the site and / or in the application to your preferences. • To send you from time to time information about the services and contents of the site, activities related to it and to IronMax, surveys, information leaflets, etc. Such information may be public in nature and may be sent to you via text messages (SMS), emails, or by way of Another electronic. • Contact you when IronMax deems it necessary, including updating, approving or notifying you of any issues related to the Services, including the Services requested by you. • For the purpose of analyzing, controlling and processing information, whether by Euronmax or by providing statistical information to third parties. • For the purpose of improving the development and adaptation of services. • For the purpose of providing information to third parties, as specified in the terms of use and this policy. • For the proper operation and development of IronMax services as well as troubleshooting. • For any other purpose, as set forth in this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use. 4. Providing Information to Third Parties We do not share personal information or identifying information collected from you with third parties, except in the following cases: • Sharing with third parties who provide services to us (such as clearing service providers, marketing assistance, payment process, tracking, storage, servers, Customer service, development functionality, improvement, service and support, etc.). • At your request and / or with your consent and / or to provide you with a service that you have requested and / or registered for. • In the case where the user has violated the terms of the privacy policy or the terms of use and / or in cases where he has performed or tried to perform actions that are contrary to the provisions of any law. • Sharing the information to the extent necessary to comply with the provisions of any law, regulation, legal proceeding or government order (such as a court order, various regulatory bodies and more). • Due to a dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand and / or legal proceedings that will be conducted between you and / or anyone on your behalf and Euronex and / or anyone on its behalf. • In the event that IronMax believes that the provision of the information is necessary in order to prevent serious damage to the property and / or bodies of third parties and / or other users and / or any of IronMax's employees and / or any of its customers, or to prevent other damage or damage at discretion. The opinion of Ironmax. • In the event that Ironmax transferred and / or transferred its activities and / or rights and obligations to third parties to a third party, provided that such third parties accept the provisions specified in these regulations in connection with the information. You know and you hereby agree that the personal information you provide may be passed on to the various service providers depending on the services you request to join, for the purpose of providing the service, ongoing conduct, and monthly accounting for the various services. IronMax will not infringe on the subscriber's privacy and will comply in this matter with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981, and the provisions of any other law in the matter. For the avoidance of doubt, even in the absence of use of a service requiring information to third parties, Third parties have aggregate information and / or which is not personal and / or which does not identify the user and / or infringe on the user's privacy. Please note that when we share your information with a third party with your consent and / or request, the said information will be subject to privacy procedures. It will be emphasized that IronMax is not responsible for any use made by third parties in connection with the information provided to them by IronMax in accordance with your registration for the various services and / or will be collected by you about you, as collected, including information transmitted and / or transmitted. To them and / or which has been provided to them directly by you 5. The rights of the subscriber The user can at any time review the information he has actively provided (for example at the time of registration) and even information about the IronMax services he consumed, through the website or application. Change details through the application or the website, in addition, if the information in the Euronmax databases is used for personal contact with The subscriber or user, based on belonging to a population group, determined according to the characterization of one or more persons whose names are included in the database ("contact by direct mail"), because then you are entitled under the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 to require in writing that the information The person referring to you will be deleted from the database (we may ask you to verify your identity before we can respond to your request). In this case, Ironmax will delete the information it needs only to contact you by direct mail as stated above. Information required by the Company to conduct its business - including documentation of commercial and other transactions you have performed in connection with IronMax Services or for the purpose of continuing to provide IronMax Services in the future - will continue to be stored by the Company by law, but will no longer be used for direct mail. It is agreed and clarified that as long as you do not ask IronMax to delete the information collected, we will retain the information collected. In addition, as specified in these private countries and the Terms of Use, for the purpose of providing some of the services of IronMax, IronMax allows third parties (eg, local authorities, car park operators and suppliers with whom IronMax operates in connection with IronMax services) to access information about the subscriber and / or user. Is hereby aware and confirms that, even if you ask us to delete the information about you, we will not be able to delete information transferred to third parties for the purpose of providing the services to which you are registered and which is held by those third parties. Aeronmax reserves the right to reject requests that have already been submitted an unreasonable number of times, requests that require exceptional technical effort (for example, developing a new system or a fundamental change in existing practices), requests that endanger the privacy of others or manifestly impractical requests (e.g. Located in backup systems). 6. Limiting the Age of Ironmax does not knowingly collect information about a child under the age of 14 without parental consent and even sensitive information decreases under the age of 18. In any case where Ironmax becomes aware of the collection of sensitive information decreases or information from a child under 14 Ironmax will make every effort to delete immediately. It. 7. Retention of information Information security is known to you and you hereby give your consent to the storage of the information and / or its processing in a third-party cloud (storage that requires the transfer of information via the Internet) even outside the borders of the State of Israel. EuroMax operates in accordance with the relevant legal provisions to the best of its ability to maintain the confidentiality of subscription data and / or use advanced security methods approved for civilian use on the Internet. The information security is intended to ensure the user identification and encryption of the transmitted identification data. The information transmitted to IronMax servers in the cloud is encrypted and secured. The purpose of making the secure connection is to prevent the transmitted information from being exposed to the eyes of other surfers and unauthorized parties on the Internet. Ironmax uses advanced technologies provided by leading technology companies in their field such as Google. There is constant supervision and control of all communication between the IronMax servers and the Internet. To this end, IronMax implements information security systems and procedures in the IronMax platforms. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion into IronMax platforms and IronMax servers, complete protection cannot be provided. Therefore, Ironmax does not warrant that the servers will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored on them. IronMax will not bear any responsibility in cases of disclosure and use of the above information resulting from unauthorized intrusion by others. 8. Contact us for any request, demand or question Please contact us by email: support@shelfit.tech and we will make every effort to return To you within a reasonable time. 9. The inaccuracies of the wording of this document are grammatical inaccuracies in the wording of this document, such as incorrect use of masculine or feminine words, or inconsistencies in singular and plural definitions, are not material, will not form a basis for a claim or disagreement and will be interpreted according to the content and intent of the document.

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